Ian Kiernan

Ian Kiernan

In Memoriam​ Ian Kiernan. Patron of Friends of Sydney Harbour

It is with great sadness that we learnt this week of the death of our Patron, Ian Kiernan.

Ian was a loud voice for change. He spoke both publicly and privately to encourage citizens to become active protectors of Sydney harbour.

Indeed he galvanised support for the foundation of Friends of Sydney Harbour, in 2012. And we welcomed him as our Patron.

Ian never wavered in his ideals - he believed quite simply that …”the harbour is for everyone to share”.

He referred to the harbour thus: “Sydney harbour is the world’s most beautiful public space.” And he railed against those who would seek to exploit this public asset for private gain, be it a floating heliport with its inherent safety and ecological risks, disruptive party boats, polluted waterways, or private foreshore development that prevented public access.

Before FoSH Ian came to public prominence when he rallied friends and community for “Clean Up the Harbour Day, the nascent origins of Clean Up Australia, and Clean Up the World. His voice carried respect and awe in the yachting world, the environment movement, and in the world of politics. 

He convinced the then Premier of NSW, Bob Carr to ban jet skis from all parts of the harbour.

As our Patron Ian never backed away from a fight. And he was always on the side of what was best for the harbour.

FoSH extends our condolences to his family.

He was a true Friend of Sydney Harbour.

John Molyneux