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3 July 2015
Is it right to charge people to watch a public firework display from a public place?

we would love to hear what you have to say about it

3 July 2015
A big pollution problem with the Australian cruise industry

For years big ships have burned cheap diesel known as bunker fuel. While along side the cruise ships need to do this in order to keep power generated for essential services. Pollution wise it is causing a big stink. follow the link to read the article 

1 June 2015
Former NSW government architect slams proposed changes to Barangaroo for Packers 1.5B casino resort

The immediate past NSW government architect has slammed proposed changes to Barangaroo for James Packer's $1.5 billion casino resort, declaring there is a lack of balance between private gain and public benefit.

Peter Mould, who held the position between 2006 and 2012, says the proposed modification to Barangaroo South is so significant it warrants "serious rethinking of the concept plan".

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31 May 2015
Lend Lease's Barangaroo South sparks a backlash

The City of Sydney has slammed the property developers revised concept. read about it here and let us know what you think.

Packers Tower
20 April 2015
Packers Tower

James Packers $2 tower at Barangaroo will be throwing a shade over it's competitor...


Swans on Sydney Harbour
20 February 2015
Swans on Sydney Harbour

With the iconic landmarks of Sydney harbour as a backdrop, the Australian Ballet is back to perform Swan Lake.

Calls for Sydney marine park to protect remaining habitat
11 November 2014
Calls for Sydney marine park to protect remaining habitat

Pressure is mounting on the Baird government to declare Sydney Harbour and surrounding coastal regions a marine park in a bid to limit the impact of an increasing population and a warming climate.

Save Berrys Bay
21 May 2014
Save Berrys Bay

Sid French and Genia McCaffery were interviewed on site today (21 May 2014) for the Save Berrys Bay Campaign and we expect that the Berrys Bay marina issues will aired on the ABC1 TV program “7.30 NSW” at 7.30pm this Friday 23 May 2014.

View for more details

11 March 2014
School Camping

Cockatoo Island sits on the periphery of the city, a site replete with memory and history allowing you to access the secrets of Sydney’s past:  to discover the stories of its criminals and orphans; the tales of its design, development and past industrial glories.

10 March 2014
Little penguin population in Sydney's North Harbour

Sydneysiders are lucky enough to have a population of little penguins living right on their doorstep. The population, in a secluded cove in Sydney's North Harbour, is the only breeding colony on the NSW mainland.

By NSW Government, Environment & Heritage