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12 February 2016
'We're on a collision course': Rowing NSW takes on state government

Rowers have raised safety concerns over a proposed new wharf on the increasingly congested Parramatta river.

Save Berrys Bay
21 May 2014
Save Berrys Bay

Sid French and Genia McCaffery were interviewed on site today (21 May 2014) for the Save Berrys Bay Campaign and we expect that the Berrys Bay marina issues will aired on the ABC1 TV program “7.30 NSW” at 7.30pm this Friday 23 May 2014.

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21 November 2013
Watertight Committment

A new group of powerful allies – responsible for the sinking last year's floating Sydney Harbour heliport proposal – has vowed to protect the waterway from being hijacked by commercial operators, developers and government agencies.

By Emma Page, Mosman Daily
13 November 2013
Public has right to see why Packer was awarded huge prize

This has fuelled questions about the whole nature of the opaque deal that gave Packer the last remaining large-scale, super-prime, harbourside open space in Sydney without a public tender process or having to resist other bids.

9 November 2013
Casino slots into No.1 spot

Changes to the Barangaroo development raise questions about who is looking after the public interest.

By Anne Davies, Leesha McKenny, SMH
10 October 2013
A fleeting moment, not real bridge to past

Sydney is not innocent. Sydney is the Caravaggio of cities - sumptuous, tempestuous, full of violent emotion and intense contrast, fecund and fetid, passionate and putrid, strongly flavoured, deeply textured, dangerous, enchanting, shadowed, untame, intense.

By Elizabeth Farrelly, SMH
27 June 2013
Harbour view: just a phoney dream

Just when you think Sydney's waterfront couldn't get any tackier, Star casino chairman John O'Neill reveals - da-dah! - his billion-dollar brainwave to ''complete Sydney's new feature precinct''.

By Elizabeth Farrelly, SMH