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18 April 2016
Sydney's corals now bleaching in sign of warming waters

The unusual warmth in Sydney Harbour triggers coral bleaching for the first time on record, according to marine biologists. 

3 March 2016
Sewage to be spilled into Sydney Harbour

Sydney Water should not be reverting to building old-fashioned sewage outfalls that will pump untreated effluent into Sydney Harbour when so much has been done to clean it up, the New South Wales Opposition says.

10 March 2014
Little penguin population in Sydney's North Harbour

Sydneysiders are lucky enough to have a population of little penguins living right on their doorstep. The population, in a secluded cove in Sydney's North Harbour, is the only breeding colony on the NSW mainland.

By NSW Government, Environment & Heritage
1 March 2014
Walking Coastal Sydney

Sydney’s coastline and harbour represent one of the most beautiful and environmentally diverse attractions in the world. The coast features cliffs, beaches and inlets of magnificent beauty unique to the region. 

By Sydney Coastal Councils Group
21 November 2013
We should have a marine park here

While marine parks are mult-use areas and allow for a diversity of activities including swimming, fishing, diving and boating, they also include marine sanctuaries - areas designated for experiencing marine life in its natural state.

By Lisa Herbertson, Mosman Daily
17 November 2013
ABC Friends of Sydney Harbour

Friends of Sydney Harbour official Launch.  View our official launch as televised on ABC.

15 November 2013
Makeover plan could turn Walsh Bay into world arts capital

Sydney's arts leaders believe the Walsh Bay finger wharves are set to rival the world's best destinations for creative activity.

By Heath Gilmore, SMH