Overboard Party Boats

Friends of Sydney Harbour want the harbour to be enjoyed by everyone.  We are not opposed to party boats however we support the responsible control and governance of Party Boats to provide a safe and enjoyable harbour for all ..... not just those on the Boats. 

The harbour has always been a public space, and like any public space, say a park or a beach it comes with responsibilities to obey the law, and the consideration of others. Since the uptake in the number of charter vessels, especially Party Boats the summer months in particular have caused many residents, visitors and other harbour users to raise

objections to the vessels mooring in peaceful bays and coves and creating excessive amplified music - for many hours, day and night.

FoSH is working closely with RMS to enforce the law and the charter vessels Code of Conduct*

FoSH invites members of the public to comment, and if concerned to report any excessive noise on the harbour to the authorities, any time, day or night, and send details of your concerns to FoSH so we can follow up on your behalf. 

Alternatively if you want to contact the authorities:


   The Roads and Maritime Information Line on 131 236

   (Monday - Friday 8.30 am - 5 pm. Weekends 8.30 am - 4.30 pm)

   If outside these hours leave a voice mail and/or 

   contact the NSW Police Marine Area Command on (02) 93207499

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