The FoSH View

FOSH is supporting the North Sydney community's call for the State Government to revisit their plan for a super yacht marina in one of the smallest historic bays in Sydney Harbour.

The proposal in Berry's Bay by Meridien Marinas is for up to 150 yachts and boats up to 45m.

North Sydney Council and its community have been working for years to limit development in Berrys Bay to small scale consistent with planning controls for the site.

The State Government continues to ignore North Sydney's planning controls  by encouraging an overdevelopment of the site.

One  of FOSH's  guiding principles is to ensure our unique bays and coves are not treated like boat parking lots. This proposal for Berrys Bay will fill more than 50% of this bay with enormous boats preventing the public from enjoying this beautiful historic bay.

FOSH is calling on the State Government to sit down with the North Sydney community and develop a plan that complies with its planning controls and develops a good quality waterfront industrial marine use for the site.

Because Friends of Sydney Harbour is established to represent your views, we would appreciate hearing from you on all or any issues we’ve highlighted on this website.

Friends of Sydney Harbour will then be in a position to represent the opinions of thousands of Sydneysiders across a broad range of issues affecting Sydney harbour.