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About Us

Friends of Sydney Harbour believes that the Harbour is arguably the most beautiful public space in the world. And as our late patron, Ian Kiernan, AO declared, “The harbour belongs to everyone.”


Friends of Sydney Harbour was formed in 2012 from public meetings which called on the NSW government to reject a proposal for a “floating heliport” to be moored in the harbour. A subsequent independent report commissioned by the government found damming evidence of inadequate planning, processes and outcome, with scant regard for due procedures, departmental review nor community concerns for safety, noise, and a complete lack of consultative processes. The “floating heliport” was rejected, and new regulatory standards reviewed and adopted by all relevant public authorities.


Since 2012 Friends of Sydney Harbour has been a clear voice for the harbour, and a representative for several community groups concerned with inappropriate development, overcrowding, pollution, water safety. See full list under supported projects.


We are today, and always have been, independent, non political, community based, and not for profit.


Friends of Sydney Harbour is a supporter of many positive initiatives that have made the harbour more accessible, and enjoyable.  These are also listed in the 'Collaborations' page and include the resurrection of The Mosman Rowers Club, assisting Sailors with Disabilities, and supporting restoration of once public foreshore space for public use.

FoSH Patrons

John Molyneux 

We were galvanised into community action by the NSW government’s failure to listen to Sydneysider’s concerns.”

Rodney N.jpg
Rodney Northam

"I have had a connection to Sydney’s Harbour and waterways throughout my life; rowing at school and on to the 1964 Olympics, later making a career sailing in my father’s wake, and now on the harbour aboard my Halvorsen motor boat."

FoSH Committee

Marnie Peterson.png
Marnie Peterson

"Sydney having always been home, I support the preservation and appreciation of its harbour and surroundings for all to share and enjoy.  FOSH aims to represent the interests of Sydney, Australian residents, and our international visitors."

David M.jpg
David Morris
Deputy Chair

I believe that "the world’s most beautiful public space" will need to be increasingly defended against inappropriate development.”

Mark Gaudin.jpg
Mark Gaudin
Treasurer/Honorary Secretary

"Sydney Harbour is one of the world’s great assets which can and should be shared by everyone in a safe and harmonious manner. I believe in working with the community to ensure the amenity of Sydney Harbour and its surrounds."

Pat Bollen.jpg
Patrick Bollen OAM
Committee Member

As a commercial Captain, sailing and boating journalist and commentator, I am passionate about Sydney Harbour and all it has to offer to all people's.  This is our great treasure, the most beautiful harbour in the world.”


Mark Buchanan

Commitee Member

“Sydney Harbour has long been acknowledged as one of the world’s most beautiful places. It is vital to protect and preserve it for future generations, and to ensure that it can continue to be enjoyed by everyone.”

robyn bushell.png
Professor Robyn Bushell
Committee Member

"As a person who works at the interface of heritage management, tourism planning and community development I appreciate the many challenges in ensuring Sydney harbour remains the wonderful and accessible place it is. This requires very careful and responsible stewardship and advocacy'

Kathrina .jpg
Kathrina Doran
Commitee Member

"The breathtaking Harbour was the key reason we fell in love with Sydney and decided to make it our home.  I believe we have a social responsibility to  ensure our native asset is protected, not only for our generation but for the next generations to love, share and appreciate."

will me boat.jpg
Will Manning
Committee Member

"Having grown up on the Harbour, currently working on the Harbour and committed to ensuring a future on the Harbour for my kids, I believe we are socially and morally bound to look after Sydney Harbour for all"

David Pescud
Committee Member

"Having been a sailor on Sydney Harbour for the last 30 plus years, I believe it is our responsibility to protect and ensure accessibility for all to the beauty of this iconic precinct with its unique natural assets now and for future generations."

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